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Content design

It’s information design, like technical writing, only less technical

Your content is an important part of the user experience.

Your content is part of your product or service. It helps your customers to achieve their goals and builds their trust in your business.  But only if it is designed to meet their needs.

Working as  your content designer, I will make sure that your content is clear, accessible, and designed for your users.

Is this you?

As a content manager I want to hire a content designer so that our website has quality content that helps users

I’m a trained content designer and information designer

Content design is a relatively new field, but way back in the 90s, I was trained to be a technical communicator by information designers. They approached all sorts of content, from signage to documentation, with the same user-focused approach that content designers use today.

And that’s what I do, too.

Although my background is in technical writing, I’m also a trained content designer (I completed the Content Design London training course in 2019). So I’m no stranger to the content design process or post-it notes!

1. Discovery

All good content begins with research. I find out who your audience is, what they need, and what words they use.

2. User Story

What do your readers want to achieve and why? I use the answers to figure out what your content needs to cover.

3. Write

I craft content that is accessible. Short sentences, minimal jargon, and a clear structure are what’s needed.

4. Crit

Through reviews with SMEs and others, I make sure your content is accurate and meets the needs of our audience.

The content design process isn’t much different to the process I’ve used for technical writing for my entire career. The only real differences are the more collaborative elements of pair writing and the crit. But I’m all for anything that makes the writing process easier and quicker.

Tell me about your content design project

If you’re looking for a writer who understands content design principles and knows his user needs from his elbow, get in touch.

I’m open to working on most types of content project and just to be clear – it doesn’t have to be technical. Because of my background, I’m a good fit for complex and technical info, but I’d love to get involved with other types of content too. I’m not a natural techie, by any means. I’m just nosey enough to ask all the right questions.

Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

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