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Online help technical writer

I’ll create online help content that works on phones, tablets, and desktops

Searchable online help that’s available 24 hours a day

How can you support your customers 24 hours a day, without breaking the bank on customer support?

By providing online help.

As a technical writer, I can create a stylish, carefully structured help centre that gives your customers the answers they need, using terms they understand.

Technical writer help on tablet

What can you expect from your online help content?

To create your online help, I’ll most likely use Paligo or MadCap Flare, which are both specialist tools designed for producing technical communication. (If you are interested in using another tool, I’m happy to look into it). Both tools can produce stylish HTML5 online help systems that you can upload to a server, just like any other web content.

But what can you expect from your online help system?

  • Searchable content. Customers can search for terms, just like on the web.
  • Text, images, videos – everything that helps the user understand information quickly.
  • Easy to navigate. Menus, hyperlinks to related content, etc.
  • Responsive design. Your help centre will adapt to desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Content reuse. “Common” content can be reused, making it much easier and cheaper to update your help.
  • User centred content. I craft your content so that it focuses on the needs of your customer.
Online Help written by Technical Writer Craig Wright

Content that’s designed from the user’s perspective

There’s no point in having a swanky-looking help centre if your content sucks. If your customers can’t find the information they need, or have found it but can’t understand it, then you have a problem.

As a technical writer, I’ll make sure your content is user-focused and pitched at the right level for your audience. This usually means writing in plain English, using jargon sparingly (it has its place), and making sure the content provides context as well as instructions. It’s all about making your content accessible and structuring it in a way that guides the reader along their journey from novice to expert.

Craig Wright

People don’t turn to your help content for entertainment, they want answers to their problems. And they want to be able to get those answers quickly with minimal effort.

Craig Wright

Examples of Online Help

I’ve made some small samples of online help to give you an idea of the sort of thing you could have. These are very simple and don’t include video, but adding video is a simple process. For software documentation, I can create screen recordings with captions etc., and hope to have some examples up soon.

I’m working on a Paligo help centre sample as well, and will add this when it is at a presentable stage.

Click on an image below to open the help centre in a new tab.

Timecode online help
4energy screens

Give your customers the chance to find answers for themselves

When you have a problem with a product, do you relish the thought of phoning technical support? No, neither do I. It’s much easier to search for answers online and find a solution for yourself.

So let’s take control of that and give your customers the right answers, in the right format for them.

Get in touch and we can talk about getting your online help up and running.

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