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Technical writers often do UX writing as a subset of our work

Clear and concise UX writing

Are you looking for a skilled UX writer who can make sure your microcopy is clear, concise, and on brand?

I can help.  

Whether you’re looking for microcopy for a phone app or context-sensitive help in your software, I’ll make sure your content is user-focused.

It’s all about the user experience

Now, you’re probably here looking to hire a freelance UX writer. And you’ve noticed that I’m mainly a technical writer. Wait! Don’t jump ship just yet. Because UX writing is actually a subset of technical writing. In fact, every time I have documented software, I’ve provided UX content too. It’s part of the job.

The goals of technical communication, UX writing, and content design are pretty much the same. To provide the user with the information they need, in the right format, at the right time.  

Of course, with UX writing there’s an element of copywriting to consider. Tone of voice, brand guidelines, and making sure to promote the benefits so that users are encouraged to use an app. But that’s no problem, I’ve trained and worked as a copywriter too.

“All those people that are putting words into manuals have always been UX writers.”

Jared Spool, Writers in Tech Podcast, 2019.

Crafting effective UX copy

How am I going to make sure your UX content works for your audience? By figuring out who they are, what they need from your app, and how they will feel at each stage of the workflow.

Then it’s just a case of creating copy that makes the process clear, using plain English and avoiding unnecessary jargon. Of course, the copy will be on brand too.

Examples of UX writing

To get some portfolio pieces, I’ve taken on the daily UX writing challenge set by I’ll write blog posts about each challenge, but you can see some examples of the microcopy below.

UX Writing challenge example
Phone image showing an example of ux content. It reads: The next best thing to being at the game. Can't make the game? No problem, we'll ring the game to you. Sportsapp gives you game reminders, live score updates, and highlight videos of your favourite teams.
UX Writing challenge example

"Craig not only made the help docs more readable and useful, but actually fed back into the product itself. There is no doubt that our software is more user-friendly and intuitive as a result of Craig’s consultancy efforts. We highly recommend him."

Jonathan Wolfson

Director, Adaptable Tools

More than a freelance UX Writer

What if you need a UX writer for microcopy, but also someone to create help pages, user guides, and web content? Don’t worry, I can take care of it all. I’m experienced and trained in many writing disciplines, including technical writing, copywriting, content design, and UX writing. Check out my services page to see everything I can help you with.

If you want me to provide UX writing and work alongside a copywriter, that’s not a problem either. Just let me know what you need.

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