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Zendesk Technical Writer

I’ll make your Zendesk content more helpful. Freshdesk and other help centres too.

Zendesk content not hitting the mark? I can help.

Are you looking to get more from your Zendesk help centre? Are customers struggling to find or understand the information you provide? Then I can help.

As a technical writer and content designer, I create the user-centered content your customers are looking for. By focusing on their needs, workflows, and the type of language they use, I create Zendesk articles that help your customers using terms they understand.

Content in Zendesk

Making your Zendesk articles connect with your audience

What is it that customers find difficult about your Zendesk articles? In my experience, the main reasons that people don’t use them are that the articles contain too much jargon, are badly organised, or only cover the “how to” and leave out the context. These are all common problems with technical communication and information design, and I know how to fix them.

1. Jargon

I’ll reduce the amount of jargon so that your content is easier to understand. Jargon has its place, but too much of it and you will lose your readers.

2. Organisation

I’ll make sure your sections and articles are named appropriately and organised in a way that makes sense to your readers.

3. Context

“How to” is not enough. You need to give your readers context too, so that they understand “why”, “who” and “when” too.

I deal with these problems all of the time as a technical writer, and not only in Zendesk. These are information design issues that affect content wherever it is used.

Getting content into Zendesk from other systems

While Zendesk is great for presenting content to readers, it is a bit limited when it comes to the authoring experience. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is very basic. But it is possible to create your content in a more powerful authoring tool and then export the content to Zendesk. This can save a lot of time with the authoring process, especially with managing updates.

I can use Paligo or Flare 2019 to create content and then publish directly to your Zendesk help centre. Both products also support publishing to other platforms, such as Freshdesk too.

Tell me about your Zendesk project

If you need help with your Zendesk content, get in touch. It doesn’t matter if you are setting up a new Zendesk help centre from scratch or have an existing one you’d like to improve, I can help you.

Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

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