A Process for Technical Documentation

When you've been a technical author for many years, the process of creating technical communication becomes second-nature. So when a client asked me to draw up a technical communication process, I had to think carefully about each step of the process. Of course, it can vary depending on the organisation, but on the whole, the process I work to is pretty much: Get brief > plan content >interview SMEs>write content >get content reviewed >rewrite content >get content reviewed >get content approved and signed off >put technical documentation into document management system.To make it easier to remember, I decided to hire a designer to create an infographic showing the process for technical documentation, which you will find below. Hopefully the infographic will be of some use to you.

A Process for Technical Documentation - An Infographic

The following infographic shows the typical process I follow as a technical author. It has applied when working on software and hardware, although it does take a 'best case scenario' approach. In reality, there are often changes to the brief in between later stages.

Technical Documentation Process - Infographic

Technical Documentation Process - Infographic

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