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Terms and conditions

What you’re agreeing to when you make a deal with this particular devil

Boring but necessary stuff ahead …

The following terms & conditions apply to freelance projects where I provide you with a fixed price for the work to be undertaken. For contract roles (direct or through agencies), a contract must be drafted for that specific job. In most cases, agencies have their own contracts in place. If your organisation does not have a standard agreement for contractors, we can work together to create one based on previous contracts I have used.

For freelance (fixed price) technical author jobs and SEO copywriting jobs:

  1. StrayGoat Writing Services will produce copy to meet the requirements of your brief.

  2. If a fixed price has been offered, the quoted price is for one draft and one edit. If further amendments are required, an additional fee may be charged (depending on the amount of work involved).

  3. If you change your brief mid-project, additional fees may be charged.

  4. When your payment has cleared, you own the copy. You can use it in as much material as you choose. For example, if you hire StrayGoat Writing Services to produce content for your web site, you can choose to use the same copy for a brochure if you so wish.

  5. The copy produced by StrayGoat Writing Services is original and not copied from other sources. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the copy does not infringe upon existing copyrights.

  6. During the project, StrayGoat Writing Services may need to contact you for information. Where practical, all questions will be asked via email so that there is a permanent record of your answers for reference. For this reason, you need to be available to reply to StrayGoat Writing Services. StrayGoat Writing Services cannot be held responsible for missing a deadline if you have not responded to requests for information.

  7. StrayGoat Writing Services requires 50% payment up front. (This up front fee may be waived for long term, trusted clients).

  8. Payment is due, in full, within 30 days of invoice. This is in-keeping with the default amount of payment notice used in courts. If you require a longer time-span for payment, this may be arranged but only prior to the start of your project. Failure to pay may result in legal proceedings, with costs and interest added to the amount owed.

  9. StrayGoat Writing Ltd. accepts payment via cheque, BACS and credit and debit card via PayPal. If you intend to pay via PayPal, you must inform StrayGoat Writing Services prior to invoice as an additional charge of 3.5% will be added to your bill (due to PayPal charges).

  10. Asking StrayGoat Writing Services to proceed with the project is regarded as your acceptance of these terms and conditions.