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Prices for technical writing

How much can you expect to pay for my technical writing services?

What does technical writing cost?

As the song goes: Money, money, money, mon-ey is the root of all evil. But we all have bills to pay, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and look at costs.

Here are my current prices for technical writing:

If you’re interested in average freelance/contractor rates, IT Jobs Watch is a good resource.

How about per project, fixed pricing?

The price of a project can vary, depending on the amount of content needed, and the complexity of the subject. Just because I understood a cooling system in a couple of hours, it doesn’t mean I’ll get to grips with financial software in the same amount of time. It’s always different, depending on the job.

But here’s a rough guide to prices, based on the type of projects I’ve worked on before:

60-80 Page User Guide


30-40 Topic Help


UX Writing 10 Screens


Copywriting / Sales Page

£80 per page

These estimated prices are based on the cost of producing the final, approved draft, so include some time for editing. They are also affected by how fast your experts can respond to questions – the longer they take, the more the costs creep up. I encourage experts to respond within 24 hours.

You Get More than Just the Technical Writing

Clear, engaging content is just one of the things you get for your money. I can also help you to avoid problems that your customers may experience and, in some cases, help you to make your product more user-friendly. I’ve worked in software development and hardware engineering teams, so have picked up a few design tips over the years.

Error message

User Testing and Bug Reporting

I’m going to experience your product and service in a very similar way to your customers. I may come across things that don’t work correctly or are misleading. Things like the useless error message shown here. I can report these issues and suggest improvements. It’s much better to have me find them than real-life customers.

Training Material

I don’t deliver training, but I can help create training material. In the past, I’ve created tutorials and slideshows, and simple e-learning solutions.

Training slide

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