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AI prompts for samples in technical communication

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Craig Wright

Using AI to generate sample content

One of the things I use AI for in my work is to create sample content to show on screenshots or to use in examples. It’s a real time-saver! I’m going to share the kind of thing that I do so that you can copy and repeat for your work, if appropriate.

  1. Log in at

  2. Enter a descriptive prompt that explains what I want and how I want it to be presented. I generally choose something that’s quite generic and readily available.

    For example, recently I asked it to generate:

    “Three paragraphs and a bullet list about the different types of fire extinguisher”.

    Another one I have used is:

    “Three paragraphs and step-by-step instructions on treating a deep cut”.

  3. If I’m working in HTML or XML, I’ll ask it to add that too, with instructions on how I want it presented. For example:

    “Three paragraphs and a bullet list about the different types of fire extinguisher. I want it in Docbook 5 XML and use the section element instead of article.”

  4. Copy and paste the results into your editor of choice. Edit the content yourself to make it better suit your needs.

Why I like using AI for samples

There are a few reasons I like using AI for creating samples:

  • It creates the content quicker than I could

  • The content at least looks like it might be correct (which might not be the case if I made it up)

  • It means I can get a few sections on different industries for examples. I tend to switch between consumer electronics, healthcare, common workplace policies, and tools.

  • I can control how much information it provides. If I need 6 paragraphs to show the effects of a page break, no problem, I just ask for it.

  • I can get it in the format I want. For me, that usually means asking for Docbook 5 while avoiding certain elements, so I can paste it into Paligo and get it accepted as valid content.

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Last modified: 15 June 2024

Headshot of Craig.

Craig Wright is an experienced technical writer based in Chesterfield, UK.  He hates writing about himself in the third person, so I shall stop now.

Always interested in new content writing opportunities. Remote working preferred.

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