Daily UX writing challenge. Day #13

Daily UX Challenge Day 13 - Craig Wright - Straygoat Writing Services Ltd

As a technical writer, I sometimes do UX writing for the products I work on. I decided to look into UX writing as another service I could offer, so took the daily UX challenge at https://www.dailyuxwriting.com.

Here's the day 13 (of 15) challenge.


A short-haul truck driver has a phone app that monitors his route, schedule, fuel & deliveries.

He has 6 more deliveries before stopping for fuel and lunch. Due to unexpected traffic, he’s behind schedule.

He can choose to stay on his planned route for a few more stops, but risk running low on fuel and missing lunch, or he can get fuel and lunch now and finish the deliveries later.


Write a push notification alerting him of this dilemma and options.

Headline: 30 characters max

Body: 45 characters max

Button(s): 25 characters max

My answer

A phone showing a vehicle tracking app. A notification message overlays the map.



You need to refuel soon.


Your truck needs to be refuelled soon. And so do you!


Continue with deliveries

Take lunch and refuel.

For this challenge, I wanted to encourage the driver to take a break for safety reasons. As the driver is possibly hungry by this time, I thought it would be better to focus on the refuelling idea for both the truck and the driver. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, as they say. I kept the messaging short and sweet and made the options clear - either stop for lunch or continue with the deliveries.

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