Daily UX writing challenge. Day #7

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As a technical writer, I sometimes do some UX writing for the software products I work on. I decided to look into UX writing another service I could offer, so took the daily UX challenge at https://www.dailyuxwriting.com.

Here's the day 7 (of 15) challenge. (I have completed them all, I'm just a bit behind with posting them here on my site. The rest will come soon.)


A sports fan is at a wedding while their favourite team is playing against their arch-rivals. Their team scores.


How would you, quickly, let the sports fan know about the latest play, the current score, and the key players? Write it.

  • Headline: 30 characters max
  • Body: 45 characters max

My answer

For this one, I considered what the user needs to know. Obviously, the score. But also who scored and when. The character count was so tight on this challenge, so I hope the game finished at 2-0 as there's no space for more scorers!

I went for "Latest" as the heading to indicate that the game is still ongoing. I'd like to have had a more biased heading favouring the one team, but thought it was more important to let the user know the game is not over yet. In an ideal world, I'd have had space for the kick off time or something to show how long is left.

Perhaps the goal scorers could be removed, but as a fantasy football player myself, I know how important that information can be. Hell, I'd want to know who got the assists too.


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