Daily UX writing challenge. Day #7

Daily UX Challenge Day 7 - Craig Wright - Straygoat Writing Services Ltd.

As a technical writer, I sometimes do some UX writing for the software products I work on. I decided to look into UX writing as another service I could offer, so took the daily UX challenge at https://www.dailyuxwriting.com.

Here's the day 7 (of 15) challenge.


A sports fan is at a wedding while their favourite team is playing against their arch-rivals. Their team scores.


How would you, quickly, let the sports fan know about the latest play, the current score, and the key players? Write it.

  • Headline: 30 characters max
  • Body: 45 characters max

My answer

A phone showing notifications from a sports app.


GOOAAAAAALLL!!! Aston Villa 1 Wolves 0 Watkins 13' KO:15:00

For this one, I considered what the user needs to know. Obviously, the score. But also who scored and when. The character count was so tight on this challenge, so I hope the game finished at 2-0 as there's no space for more scorers!

I added the kick-off time so that the user can figure out how long the game has been playing. For the heading, I went for the misspelled version of goal to try and recreate the sense of excitement and mimic football commentators.

Perhaps the goal scorers could be removed, but as a fantasy football player myself, I know how important that information can be. Hell, I'd want to know who got the assists too.


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