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MadCap Flare accordion menu project, circa 2016-17

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Craig Wright

Blog date: June 4 2024.

Back in 2016, I made a MadCap Flare output that had a collapsible “accordion” navigation menu, with the help of Dave Lee.

At the time, I wrote a series of posts and provided some downloads for you to use. Since then, my website has been on various different platforms and links have become broken and files lost. So here, I’m including a zip of the files I have recovered from portable drives. By now, I’d hope that Flare has much better ways to handle it out-of-the-box rather than relying on all the hacking and customization.

Soon, I’ll summarize the series of blog posts and make those available here too. The original blog posts will be retired.

If any of you out there are still looking for this type of thing, I hope the downloads help in some way.

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Last modified: 15 June 2024

Headshot of Craig.

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