Paligo: How to Search for Reuse Text that is Hyphenated

Use the Reuse Text feature in Paligo to Search for Hyphenated Text

Hyphenated Text Not Appearing in Reuse Text Search

One of the coolest things about Paligo is that all of the paragraphs you write are available for reuse automatically. There's no need to faff around creating separate files (unless you want to combine several elements for reuse). To reuse a paragraph, you can use the Reuse Text Search feature. No prizes for guessing what it does.

I use the Reuse Text Search a lot, and it has always performed well. But today I ran into my first problem with it. I have a paragraph that begins with hyphenated words (In this case, 'right-click') and the search just couldn't find it.

hyphenated text not found in reuse text Paligo

So I got on to Paligo support and they gave me a workaround, which I'll share here.

How to Get Paligo to Find <Para> Elements that Begin with Hyphenated Words

The workaround is super simple. All you have to do is add quotes around the search term. So instead of searching for Right-click, search for "Right-click" instead.

It works.

But I found a little quirk with it.

If I searched for the full <para> element, which is "Right-click on Groups.", the Reuse Text Search doesn't find any matches. But a search for "Right-click" does find the "Right-click on Groups" element. Strange!

I've asked support about that. I'll update this post with any further news.

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