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MadCap Flare technical writer

I’m a certified Flare user. I know about snippets and stuff

Are you looking for a skilled MadCap Flare technical writer?

If you have a Flare project and need a technical writer, I could be just the man for the job.

If any of these points apply to you, I can help:

I’ve used Flare to create documentation for many years, and can help you get the most from its powerful features. I’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls so that your Flare content is up and running quickly.

For your peace of mind, I am a certified MadCap Flare technical writer (v11) and a seasoned technical writer. Perhaps you have seen my Flare blog posts here or on MadCap’s official blog?

Reduce your documentation costs with MadCap Flare

Lots of companies choose MadCap Flare because it can output to many different formats, and it makes it easier to share content between manuals. It uses a topic-based approach, which means I create your content as individual ‘chunks’ of information, and these can be shared and reused between different projects. This is an important content reuse feature, as it can significantly reduce your documentation costs, especially when it comes to updating the content and having new content translated.

As your MadCap Flare technical writer, I can complement your existing team of writers, update your content, or create a whole new project from scratch. Just let me know what you need.

MadCap Flare example

Examples of simple MadCap Flare projects

Most of my ‘real’ work in Flare can’t be shared due to non-disclosure agreeements. But I have created a couple of examples from previous MadCap Flare technical writing projects. Feel free to take a look. These are simple ‘out of the box’ outputs that don’t use any other scripting or Foundation grid tricks (but I have created customised outputs in the past).

Timecode Systems example using MadCap Flare
4Energy example using MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare training and mentoring

I don’t offer MadCap Flare training as a formal course, although I am happy to help new users working on the same project.  If you want formal training, I recommend Matthew Ellison who operates from Flare Training UAEurope.  Alternatively, Armada do excellent courses (I use them for learning about other technical communication products). You can find Armada’s Flare training here:

Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

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