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MadCap Flare technical writer

Technical writing in Flare

Are you using MadCap Flare as your documentation tool? Do you need a helping hand on your project? I could be just the man you need.

I have experience of working in Flare and have used it to create help centers as well as user guides for print.

Hire me as your technical writer and I’ll:

  • Craft content that meets your customer’s needs.

  • Make it easier to create, update, and translate your content.
    Flare has many content reuse features that can help to make documentation creation a more efficient process.

  • Create outputs that are suitable for print and online.

Past MadCap Flare projects

It’s been a while since I used MadCap Flare, but there was a time when I used it for most of my projects. These included:

  • Online help for ClearSCADA software

  • Help center for out-of-hours health care provider

  • Product manuals for time synchronization devices

  • Product manuals for water pumps (conversion).

Most of these projects involved moving the client’s content to Flare for the first time. Flare was a good option because it had time-saving content reuse features and could produce HTML and PDF outputs from the same source.

Why did I stop using Flare regularly? Mainly because clients wanted outputs that Flare (at the time) couldn’t produce. But I’ve been using other tools with similar features to Flare, so don’t worry that I’ve forgotten how to use it. I can still touch up a topic, slip in a snippet, and vouch for a variable.

Just let me know which features you use when you get in touch and I’ll make sure I’m up to speed.

Technical writing expertise

Familiarity with Flare is not enough for your project. You need a technical writer who understands best practices and can create the type of content your customers need. It’s also important that I’m able to get the information I need from your team without causing too many interruptions. It’s not all about the writing.

Here’s what I bring to your project:

  • 25+ years experience as a technical writer.

  • Proven record of creating content for software, physical products, and processes.

  • Experience working as part of software and product teams and also solo.

  • Empathy and the soft skills needed for communicating with your team.

  • Technical enough to understand, not so technical that I lose sight of what users need.

  • Degree in technical communication and information design and trained as a content designer and UX writer too.

You can find out more about my background on the About page. But if you’re convinced already, get in touch.

Get in touch

Let’s talk about your project

I’m here to help and offer my expertise as a technical writer. Get in touch and let me know what you need.