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Document conversion

I’ll transform your content into a different format

Need help converting your content into different formats?

Even with the latest technical writing tools, migrating content from one system to another is rarely easy. There’s often proprietary (and inconsistent) code and formatting to contend with, junk code added to the mix, and a fair chance of your content being organised differently. So lots of extra work you hadn’t planned on.

But you don’t need to do it all yourself. With my document conversion service, I’ll migrate your content for you, and tidy it up and organise it too.

Converting documents between different formats.

Document conversion for different budgets

To cater for different needs and budgets, I offer two document conversion services, which I call Light and Full.

  • Document conversion – light

    If you’re only concerned with getting your content from one system and into another, my light conversion service is probably your best bet.

    A light conversion includes:

    • Transferring your content to a new system

    • Formatting your content in your new system

    • Recreating links and re-inserting images if needed

    • Manually stripping out ‘junk’ code

  • Document conversion – full

    Working from your original documentation, I will do everything that’s included in the ‘Light’ service, plus:

    • Edit your content so that it is suitable for topic based systems (if needed)

    • Add links for better navigation

    • Restructure your content, if needed

    • Make sure your content is coded correctly and uses the correct styles

    • Apply a content reuse strategy (if needed)

How much does document conversion cost?

The price of the conversion service varies, depending on how much content you have, what level of service you want, and what products you are using.

As with all of my services, the prices I quote are based on my day rate and the time it will take me to complete. I’m happy to work per day, per half-day, or on a fixed price agreement, whatever suits you best.

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