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Technical writer / content designer for

Knowledge base content

Looking to improve your customer support content?

Is your customer support content failing to hit the right spot? Are your customers down-voting your knowledge base articles or asking the same questions over and over again? These are common issues when your help center articles are lacking detail, written from the wrong perspective, or are badly organised.

I’ll fix those problems for you.

As a professional technical writer, help center content is my speciality. I’ll make sure your articles help your customers and keep valuable knowledge in your business.

How I can help you

I’ve been creating help center and knowledge base content for my entire career - over 25 years. So I bring a lot of experience to your project.

I’ll make sure your articles:

  • Are clear, concise, and consistent.

  • Have enough detail and are accurate.

  • Use an appropriate mix of text, images, and video.

  • Avoid unnecessary jargon.

  • Are easy to find and designed with SEO in mind.

  • Are updated based on customer feedback.

  • Avoid common mistakes, such as over-reliance on FAQs.

And let’s not forget that your knowledge base is there to help your customer support team as well as your customers. I’ve worked in customer support too, so I have a good understanding of what’s needed to make their life easier.

A screenshot of a Photoroom knowledge base page. It shows an article created by Craig Wright in Intercom. There is an introduction with links to the subsections that follow. The first section is specifically for iPhone and iPad users and it contains a video and step-by-step instructions.

Working with Craig is a game-changer for our projects. His deep understanding of the product and the ability to provide crystal-clear explanations is so helpful for our users!

Elise Petrovic Lead of Customer Success at PhotoRoom

What help centers have I used?

Ideally, you want to hire a writer who already knows how to use your help center software. Otherwise, they may need time to learn about its features, which is time that could be better spent helping your customers.

That’s where my experience counts. I’ve used many of the leading platforms, including:

  • Zendesk

  • Freshdesk

  • Intercom

  • Confluence

I’ve also used specialist technical writing software that can publish to these systems. For example, I’ve used Paligo to write content that is then published to other platforms such as Zendesk.

If you’re not using one of these, don’t worry. I’ve worked in software teams for many years and have used lots of different platforms - I pick up new software quickly and often without the need for any help.

How I’ll write your articles

If you hire me to write your knowledge base articles, this is how I’ll approach the project:

  1. Discovery - Learn about your product, your customers, and the content you already have. This stage might need some input from your team and I’ll need access to your support tickets.

  2. Plan - What content is needed as a top-priority? What areas are customer support asked about the most?

  3. Assess structure - What is the existing structure of your knowledge base? Does it make sense to your customers?

  4. Assess articles - Do they meet customer needs? Are they well-structured and written? Are they consistent?

  5. Create and update your knowledge base articles. Here, I’ll do as much as I can without disrupting your team. But at times I will most likely need input from product experts.

  6. Get drafts reviewed by your team, to check for accuracy.

  7. Publish.

As I’m going through these steps, you can also expect me to test your product, raise bug tickets and make suggestions for improving the user experience.

Ready to revamp your knowledge base? Get in touch!

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