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User guides and instruction manuals

User guides still have their place

Yes, I can write your user guides and manuals

Are you looking for help with your product user guides and manuals? You’re in the right place. I’m an experienced technical writer and I can create user-friendly manuals for print and online use.

A pile of user guides.

Craig has done an excellent job of refreshing our product manuals. He took the time to completely understand our technology, how it works in context and how it operates. He then used this knowledge to create clear and logically structured instructions and technical information, in a style that matches our branding as well as the needs of our end users.

Laura Jane Johnson Timecode Systems

What makes a good user guide?

A good user guide is one that meets the needs of your customers. It gets them up-and-running with your product and acts as a reference library for information they may or may not need later.

As a technical communicator for over 20 years, I know all about creating truly helpful user guides and manuals. Hire me and I’ll make sure your content:

  • Tell users how to achieve their goals, not simply describe the features.
    This is called “task-based content”.

  • Use terms your customers understand.

  • Present information in a logical order.

  • Give the right amount of information, at the right time.
    It’s important to not overwhelm your customers with too much at once.

  • Provide context as well as how-to instructions.
    The “why” and “when” are important as well as the “how”.

  • Include relevant examples.

I’ll also do my best to make sure your content meets legal requirements, such as BS EN IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2020 . I may need assistance from your legal team, depending on the location and nature of your products.

A screenshot of a double-page spread of a Timecode Systems manual created in MadCap Flare. The main title is BLINK network and there is a subsection called What is a BLINK network? There are diagrams that show how the networks connect.
User guide for timecode systems *note it uses master and slave terminology. These days, I'd replace with parent and child.

Craig combined professionalism with a conversational style in his writing that engaged the reader, often of subject matter that was both complicated and dry, but always managing to make it interesting and accessible.

Steve O'Hara Chief Technical Officer, 4energy

Taking your user guides online

If your user guides aren’t available online, I can make them available as PDFs or can convert them into a searchable online help system. It really isn’t that much extra work to create an online help. That’s the beauty of writing in a topic-based style – it makes it much easier to reuse your content in different formats.

So if you have been avoiding moving away from PDFs because web content looks too complicated, now’s the time to put that right. With the right tools, it really is easy, and I can do it for you.

MadCap Flare logo and Paligo logo with arrows pointing towards HTML5 and PDF logos.

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